Data Requests

Data requests can be made on this form – Data Request Form – and can be submitted to ANZIPTR via The Registry Secretariat will acknowledge all requests before assessing the request and may seek further clarification if needed.

The registry can provide de-identified data free to transplant physicians, transplant units, researchers and government departments. The registry will not provide any personally identified data. ANZIPTR may require evidence of ethics approval before releasing data.

The clinical data provided has sensitive information and should be used as per the agreed guidelines only. If data is further to be published elsewhere a prior Registry permission is necessary. The data supplied will be as per the registry’s specifications.

If data provided by ANZIPTR is the primary source of data, then a copy of publication should be provided to ANZIPTR.

Data provided by ANZIPTR should be utilised by requesting parties only, further data sharing with other parties or projects is not permitted without prior approval from ANZIPTR. ANZIPTR requires requesting parties to sign a data usage agreement acknowledging these terms and conditions before release of data.


Inquiries or comments should be directed to the Registry Secretariat at:
Australia and New Zealand Islet and Pancreas Transplant Unit
A6c, Locked Bag 4001,
Westmead NSW 2145 Australia
T: 61 2 9845 6962
F: 61 2 9633 9351