Participating Centres

Australian and New Zealand Islet and Pancreas Transplant Registry (ANZIPTR)

  • Prof Jeremy Chapman      Medical Director Western Renal Service, Westmead Hospital
  • Prof Angela Webster     Executive Officer
  • Mr Abhijit Patekar             Data Analyst
  • Mr Paul Robertson            Transplant Co-ordinator
  • Ms Julie McKelvey              Registry Clerk

Auckland Renal Transplant Group

  • Dr Helen Pilmore
  • Prof.Stephen Munn

Monash Medical Centre 

  • Prof Peter Kerr                     Director of Nephrology
  • A/Prof John Kanellis             Director of Transplantation
  • Dr Bill Mulley                         Physician
  • Mr Alan Saunder                   Director of Surgery
  • Mr Roger Bell                         Surgeon
  • Mr Ming Yii                             Surgeon
  • Miss Nancy Suh                     Surgeon
  • Mr Stephen Thwaites           Surgeon
  • Mr Michael Wu                       Surgeon
  • Ms Tia Mark                            Transplant Coordinator
  • Ms Elaine Kennedy                Tranplant Clinical Nurse Consultant

Westmead Hospital

  • Prof Henry Pleass                  Director, National Pancreas Transplant Unit
  • Prof Philip O’Connell             Director, Renal & Islet Transplantation Unit, Westmead
  • Prof Jeremy Chapman          Director Acute Interventional Medicine, Westmead Hospital
  • Dr Brian Nankivell                 Physician
  • Prof Angela Webster             Physician
  • Dr Germaine Wong               Physician
  • Dr Brendan Ryan                   Surgeon
  • Dr Vincent Lam                      Surgeon
  • Dr. Lawrence Yuen                Surgeon
  • Prof Richard Allen                 Surgeon
  • Dr Jane Holmes-Walker        Endocrinologist
  • Ms Kathy Kable                      Transplant Nurse Practitioner
  • Mr Paul Robertson                Transplant Unit Westmead Hospital
  • Dr Wayne Hawthorne           Senior Research Fellow

Inquiries or comments should be directed to the Registry Secretariat at:
Australia and New Zealand Islet and Pancreas Transplant Unit
A6c, Locked Bag 4001,
Westmead NSW 2145 Australia
T: 61 2 9845 8603
F: 61 2 9633 9351