Who needs a pancreas transplant?

Referral Criteria

Patients wanting to be considered for combined renal/pancreas transplantation are referred by their treating Nephrologist to one of the 3 transplanting centres for assessment (Westmead, Monash, Auckland).A physician and a surgeon will then arrange to meet and assess the potential patient, either at the transplant centre, or at a clinic local to the patient.

Selection criteria for transplantation are in accordance with the Transplant Society of Australia and New Zealand (TSANZ) guidelines. The current criteria include:

  1. Insulin dependence (type 1 diabetes)
  2. Age less than 50 years
  3. Advanced chronic kidney disease (GFR < 15 ml/min/1.73m2)
  4. Absence of significant cardiac disease or adequately treated cardiac disease
  5. Body weight <120% Ideal weight
  6. Patent Iliac Vessels

The full criteria and other governance policies can be viewed here:

Inquiries or comments should be directed to the Registry Secretariat at:
Australia and New Zealand Islet and Pancreas Transplant Registry
A6c, Locked Bag 4001,
Westmead NSW 2145 Australia
T: 61 2 9845 8603
F: 61 2 9633 9351
Email: info@anziptr.org